john-wayne-gacy-teenager 5 Little-Known Facts About John Wayne Gacy
1. Mortuary attending experience

Did you know that John Wayne Gacy once worked as a mortuary attendant? After a disagreement with his father, Gacy moved to Las Vegas to work as a mortuary attendant and observed the embalming process for three months. In one of his interviews, the “Killer Clown” confessed that once he climbed into a coffin and caressed the body of a teenager. Shocked by the experience, Gacy returned to Chicago.

gacy-with-his-sister 5 Little-Known Facts About John Wayne Gacy

A prison photo of John Wayne Gacy posing with his sister only a few days before his execution.

2. The nearly botched execution

Before Gacy’s execution began, the chemicals used to perform his execution solidified, clogging the IV tube and complicating the procedure. It took 10 minutes for the execution team to fix the issue. After 10 minutes, Gacy’s execution resumed. According to the prosecutor, “he got a much easier death than any of his victims”. The injection issue led Illinois to adopt a different execution method.

3. Gacy possibly had an accomplice

Upon his arrest, one of the first questions Gacy asked was whether “my associates” had also been captured. Shocked by the possibility of the “Killer Clown” having an accomplice, investigators asked whether his “associates” took part in the murders directly or indirectly to which Gacy replied “directly”. According to the criminal defense attorneys, there is “overwhelming evidence Gacy worked with an accomplice”.

pogo-the-clown-painting 5 Little-Known Facts About John Wayne Gacy

4. Creepy painter

While in prison, Gacy began to paint. Although the subjects he painted varied, most of his artwork featured clowns, some of which depicted Gacy himself as “Pogo the Clown”. The great majority of Gacy’s paintings have been displayed at exhibitions, others were sold at various auctions, ranging $200 to $20,000 a piece. Until 1985, Gacy was permitted to earn money from the sales, claiming his artwork was intended “to bring joy into people’s lives”. While 19 of his paintings were sold, the remaining 25 were burned in June 1994, at a communal bonfire attended by 3,000 people, including the family members of some of Gacy’s victims.

timothy-mccoy 5 Little-Known Facts About John Wayne Gacy

Gacy’s first victim, Timothy McCoy.

5. The first murder gave Gacy a mind-numbing orgasm

In one of his interviews, John Wayne Gacy stated that after killing his first victim, Timothy McCoy, he felt “totally drained” due to experiencing a mind-numbing orgasm as he killed the teenager. He added: “That’s when I realized that death was the ultimate thrill.”

new-mock 5 Little-Known Facts About John Wayne Gacy

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