Here is the definitive testing ground that even the most insatiable true crime aficionados find challenging.

1. Only A Real True Crime Fan Can Get More Than 8/10 On This Quiz by True Crime Magazine

Which famous FBI agent lived four blocks away from John Wayne Gacy in Chicago? Which murderous duo is considered to be responsible for the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders?

This quiz will show how serious are you about true crime.

2. Can You Name These 40 American Serial Killers By Nickname? by TheArmadillo @ Sporcle

Ever heard of the Woodward Corridor Killer? How about the Milwaukee North Side Strangler?

This is the hardest nickname quiz you’ll ever take.

3. Can You Name These 10 Serial Killers From Their Childhood Photos? by True Crime Magazine

Were they really born evil?

Take this quiz to find out!

4. The Ultimate True Crime Quiz by Pen & Sword Books

Test how much of a daredevil you are and take the true crime quiz, with 10 gory and sinister questions to be answered!

A quiz bound to appeal to all horror enthusiasts.

5. Can You Recognize These 11 Infamous Serial Killers By Their Eyes? by True Crime Magazine

Are the eyes really “the window to the soul”?

Take this quiz to find out!

6. Only A Real True Crime Expert Can Recognize These 10 Crime Scenes by True Crime Magazine

You’ve read all these true crime books, magazines and articles, but can you match these 10 crime scene photos to the infamous events with little to no hints?

Test yourself now!

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