The world of true crime is surrounded by many popular myths, but in at least 7 cases, the facts tell a shockingly different story.

1. Jeffrey Dahmer Poses With a Snow Bong


Contrary to popular belief, the man standing next to the snow bong is NOT Jeffrey Dahmer.

Although the man in this photograph does bear a superficial resemblance to young Jeffrey Dahmer, the image was taken in October 1982, next to Chi-Phi fraternity of University of Minnesota and uploaded to Flickr by Robert Lyle with the caption:

a snow bong sculpted by scott burgeson.the wide angle lens distorts the subject.the…um…sculpture was about 8 feet tall

2. The Moment Ted Bundy Finds Out About His Daughter’s Birth


In this infamous widely miscaptioned photo, Ted Bundy is actually yawning.

The photo was taken on July 28, 1979, during a pre-sentencing testimony in Miami, while Bundy’s daughter was born two years later, on October 24, 1981.

3. John Wayne Gacy’s Alter Ego Poses With a Boy at the Park


According to Bundy Spooks, “this isn’t Pogo nor Buttons, the only two Gacy clown alter-egos. Gacy only owned two clown-costumes, and this is neither of them.”

4. One of Richard Ramirez’s Crime Scenes


Credit: Nan Goldin

Although the ransacked room may resemble Ramirez’s typical crime scene in some way, the blood splatter on the wall is completely unrealistic, suggesting that the supposed murder scene has been staged.

And it was.

This photo is one of 80 handpicked artworks of an American photographer Nan Goldin that appeared in Berlinische Galerie back in 2010.

5. Jeffrey Dahmer’s Mattress


And we’ve reached one of the biggest true crime misconceptions of all time.

This is NOT Jeffrey Dahmer’s mattress. This photo is a still from the 2007 movie “Cleaner,” starring Samuel L. Jackson.

6. Osama Bin Laden’s Body


An image apparently depicting a dead Osama bin Laden is FAKE.  The doctored image was constructed from a genuine photograph of Bin Laden taken in 1998 and a morgue photo of an unidentified corpse.

The worst part?

The photo has been circulating online for two years and used by the world’s biggest news agencies as genuine proof of Bin Laden’s death.

7. The Bunny Killer


A photograph of a man in a bunny mask dragging a woman into a building is a piece of art, not a piece of evidence.

The photo was taken back in 2010 by photographer Eliot Lee Hazel as a part of his Poppy Field Gang collection.

8. Childhood Photo of John Wayne Gacy


Even though there are little to no photos from John Wayne Gacy’s childhood, the kid in the above image is NOT Gacy.

The origins of this photo date back to 2010s, when it has often been used as an Avatar image on various forums.

And, after all, a toy gun doesn’t make child a serial killer.

9. Jeffrey Dahmer Shows His Deadly Intentions In a Childhood Photo


The yellow journalism continues in another supposed childhood photo of a serial killer. Scratching a cat’s neck while posing for a photo doesn’t make you Jeffrey Dahmer. In fact, the “Milwaukee Cannibal” never had a cat. As a young boy, Dahmer adored his only pet, a Spaniel cross named Frisky. The dog was his only friend, according to his father Lionel.

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