On August 3, 2019, a Tik Tok user named Ally Bragg posted a video claiming to be the granddaughter of Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy.

“Hey yo, famous relative check,” Bragg said before showing purported unreleased images of the family in a now-deleted video.

The video, which had been viewed by millions of people, garnered split reactions. Many people who viewed the video criticized Bragg for outing her alleged mother, who has spent her life attempting to remain hidden. “What could possibly be more 2019 than Ted Bundy’s granddaughter outing her family for tik tok clout,” Twitter user Josh Blevins wrote.

However, three days later, Bragg completely backtracked her claim in an Instagram post, saying:

“Okay so I wanted to post this to make everything clear , no I am not Ted Bundys granddaughter. the whole tiktok was a joke and I rlly didn’t expect it to blow up Bc I never get more than 12 likes on any of my post . But if y’all need some evidence than here u go ,
#1~ my grandma is still alive and what Ive Hurd online and what people have told me Carolie( or how ever u spell her name ) is dead and she lived in the UK my grandma lives in United States.
#2~ my mother was born in July and rose was born in October.
#3~ if I was actually Ted bundys granddaughter I wouldn’t of posted that at all !! But I’m please asking y’all to delete any post about me or my family , I know that’s a lot to ask for but please for me and my family’s sake .
But I do apologize Bc I know it is also my fault and I should have not posted it in the first place . Don’t worry y’all don’t have to shame me . Half of it has already ruined me.
And I do see the wrong in posting the video even as a joke . Ted Bundy was a bad man and I should have never even tried to make that video but at the time I was not thinking about it I’m at way so I am sorry if it did offend anyone . – thank y’all”

Even if it was supposed to be a joke, that is a terrible hoax to spread.

A Reddit user named KendallMintcake shared his own opinion about the Tik Toker:

“She’s young, therefore an idiot by default. With all the attention Bundy’s been getting recently, I can see how someone could think this would be a good “joke”.

In Bragg’s case, the desperate call for attention resulted in unfortunate fame that will haunt her for a long time. As the saying goes, “once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever.”

Although the video is no longer available on Tik Tok, we have managed to acquire a copy of it:

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