A fascinating look inside Ted Bundy’s 1968 VW Beetle that was integral to both his murders and conviction, containing important DNA evidence. Bundy removed the passenger seat in order to lay his victims flat and better conceal them after luring the to the car.

d9591cee-e143-4303-912b-b0cd60d94003 A Curious Look Inside Ted Bundy's VW Beetle

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From a chilling tour through Bundy’s Issaquah dumpsite, 3 insider stories from the death row, to nearly 30 unheard facts about the killer, this collection is a must-have for every true crime buff.

bundy-discount A Curious Look Inside Ted Bundy's VW Beetlebutton_click-here-to-learn-more A Curious Look Inside Ted Bundy's VW Beetle

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