After his unsuccessful enrollment at Ohio State University and the pressure of his father, Jeffrey Dahmer had no choice but to enlist in the U.S. Army. In January 1979, Dahmer enlisted as a medical specialist at Fort Sam Houston. Half-year later, on July 13, 1979, Dahmer was deployed to West Germany, where he served as a combat medic.

Fellow soldiers were astonished by the admission that Dahmer had never kissed a girl and thought they would assist him in losing his virginity. One evening, they took Dahmer to Annabella’s House, a well-known brothel in Vogelway. Two soldiers dragged Dahmer into the brothel, where they introduced him to a girl there. It turned out that later Dahmer sneaked out of the brothel moments later. The soldiers chalked it up to shyness until Dahmer told them that he had never wanted to go there and didn’t need any girl.

Despite the fact that Dahmer claimed he had no sexual adventures of any kind while he was in Germany, Preston Davis, a fellow soldier who worked in a medic unit with Dahmer, believes that he was drugged by Dahmer inside an armored personnel vehicle and raped.

Once Davis left Germany, he was replaced with 17-year-old Billy Joe Capshaw, who claims that he was raped by Dahmer as well. After the first assault, Capshaw leaped from the third-floor window to escape. According to Capshaw, Dahmer raped him 8 to 10 times within a period of 17 months. In Capshaw‘s words, Dahmer would tie him to the bunk with motor-pool rope, stripping all his clothing and beat him before raping him.

Soon after, Capshaw reported the abuse to his commander and was taken to the dispensary for a rape test to determine if he was telling the truth. The doctors did nothing and Capshaw was sent back to the room and spent another 17 months with Dahmer, suffering more rape and torture.

The unidentified colleague remarked that Dahmer looked like a kid in a man’s body, feeling frustrated when he realized how most men of his age had experienced some kind of sexual act. But since he was excited by men, and Dahmer understood this to be an inadmissible vice, he vented his frustrations in solitary onanism.

According to reports, in his first year of service, Dahmer was an average to slightly above average soldier. Due to alcohol abuse, Dahmer’s performance slowly deteriorated and in March 1981, he was discharged from the U.S. Army.

Only the Milwaukee Cannibal knew to what dangerous extremes his sexual urges might lead if they involved anyone else. For the time being, at least, Dahmer condemned himself to further isolation because it was the only safe course.

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