In 2008, a former female wrestler and one of Mexico’s most prolific serial killers was sentenced to 759 years in jail for the killings of at least 11 elderly women.

Juana Barraza, nicknamed the „Little Old Lady Killer“ or „Mataviejitas,“ mostly targeted women aged 60 or over, most of whom lived alone. She bludgeoned or strangled her victims, and afterward would rob them. Barraza gained the trust of his victims and access to their homes by helping with their shopping bags or requesting cleaning work, or simply pretended to be a nurse or social worker.

The unusual thing about this killer is her choice of a weapon. Barraza strangled half of her victims with a stethoscope, which she carried to the crime scene. In at least one case, the killer picked up a stethoscope that happened to be lying on the living room table and used it to strangle her victim.

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