In 1987, following his transfer to Sullivan Correctional Facility, David Berkowitz became a born-again Christian.

According to his personal testimony, the moment of conversion occurred after reading Psalm 34:6 from a Bible given to him by a fellow inmate.

Berkowitz said he no longer wants to be referred to as the “Son of Sam” but instead the “Son of Hope”. In the same testimony, he talked about his involvement in a cult, which played a major role in the Son of Sam murders.

In 2001, Stephen and Kenneth Cenders published a collection of poems written by Berkowitz, entitled A Serial Killer: David Berkowitz Son of Sam/Son of Hope. A while later, the Son of Hope provided a short introduction to a book of Christian- oriented poetry by prisoners called Beyond the Razor Wire.

Despite the quality of the work, Berkowitz presented himself strictly as a poet.

Although Berkowitz refused to address his Son of Sam persona, he had signed one of his poems as Son of Sam, the reason never disclosed.

Exclusively for True Crime Magazine readers, author C.S. Fuqua shares his private collection of never-before-published handwritten poems by David Berkowitz:

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