Not all psychopaths are killers or even criminals. Everyone probably dated one in their life or worked for or with one. Some psychopaths can harness their disorder toward a successful career where sometimes having no regard for the feelings of others can be advantageous: corporate CEOs, politicians, entertainers and even yes, true crime authors, can be full-blown psychopaths.

Most of us have encountered one or two somewhere in our lives.

Psychopaths represent around one percent of the world’s population, which means that one out of every hundred people is a psychopath. In contrast to this, about twenty-five percent of the world’s prison population is comprised of those who have shown psychopathic tendencies, one out of every four people. This disproportionate ratio shows just how serious psychopathy is.

Because of the pervasive nature of the psychological state in modern popular culture, with every other antagonist in television programming, books and movies displaying psychopathic tendencies, there has been much interest in the scientific community as well as the general public in the origin of this mental illness.

Another reason for this interest in psychopaths is the horrific manner in which they commit their crimes. The crimes being spoken of here are cold blooded and serial murders which are what psychopaths are best known for and most often associated with. A serial killer murders in cold blood does so obsessively and compulsively for no reason other than pleasure. They are brutal, creatively so, and are often without remorse. Hence, the serial killer is often the subject of morbid curiosity. They are seen as horrific examples of what happens when the gates of amorality are flung open; they show people what could happen if they lose all sense of empathy.

Hence, people want to know what brings about this state of being, this way of thinking that demeans one’s fellow man to the point where one would brutalize and murder them, often after sexually violating them. What leads to this form of depravity, and can it be stopped?

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