On October 22, 1969, a man claiming to be the Zodiac killer called a live Jim Dunbar’s television show. The guest on the show was famed attorney Melvin Belli. Mr. Dunbar’s operator patched the caller through so the entire Bay Area could hear “Zodiac’s” voice. It was suggested the caller be referred to as “Sam” during the conversation.

Later that day, the only three people to hear the real Zodiac’s voice – Nancy Slover, David Slaight and Bryan Hartnell — were brought to the studios of KGO-TV to see if they could recognize the caller’s voice.

They didn’t.

“I felt that the voice on the tape was not as deep and as old as Zodiac’s,” said Bryan Hartnell. Nancy Slover, a Vallejo police dispatcher who fielded a call from the Zodiac in July, said Sam’s voice was “too pitiful and pathetic to be the Zodiac.”

It was eventually determined the calls were made by a mental patient named Eric Weil.

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