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True Crime e-Magazine is the world's leading publication devoted to true crime, serial killers and the criminal mind.

It publishes concise, exclusive articles based on original research, presenting new discoveries and fresh interpretations by our amazing expert authors, such as Michael Butterfield (a recognized Zodiac Killer expert, who served as a consultant for news articles, television documentaries, and director David Fincher’s major motion picture Zodiac), Dr. RJ Parker (author of 25 true crime books, expert in serial murder and criminal profiling), and Dr. Bill Kimberlin (a professor of psychology, recognized death penalty and death row expert).

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Aside from the magazine itself, we're also the publishers of 3 best-selling books:

Behind the Tape Photobook

Hundreds of crime scenes. Thousands of never-before-seen crime scene photos. The true horror is hiding behind the yellow tape.

From Ted Bundy's Issaquah dumpsite, to Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment, Behind the Tape is a must-have for every true crime buff.

True Crime Factbook

Did you know that Ted Bundy was a member of a crime prevention task force for the state of Washington, where he authored a pamphlet instructing women how to prevent rape?

An exclusive collection of 500 little-known true crime facts you may have never heard before!

365 Days of Crime

365 days of brutal, foolish and nearly perfect crimes. 365 fascinating true crime stories. Over 700 pages of pure true crime history.

From the death row inmate who sued the state for botching his execution, to a bank robber who gave the cashier his full name and address, 365 Days of Crime is this summer’s ULTIMATE true crime treat.

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Sherri M Barber

My mom used to buy these magazines but they stopped selling them. True Crime Magazine is a true reborn of the old classics! Tnx again!

Rachel Ramirez

It's not a secret that Christmas shopping can get really stressful at times, especially when you get back from vacation with a missing luggage, so that's exactly what happened to me on December 24th. As usual, few minutes before midnight, I've been scrolling through my Facebook feed and noticed an eye-catching advertisement of True Crime Magazine's Christmas bundle, which seemed to be a perfect treat for my beloved mom, who is a total true crime buff since the 1970s. So I've decided to give it a shot and contact the company on Messenger to learn more about the offer. To my surprise, the TCM representative replied 4 minutes(!) after my message, guided me through the whole process and helped me place an order. To this day, my mom can't get enough of True Crime Magazine and starts her mornings re-reading the articles lol

William DeRuiter

Tonight was the very first time I had totally to myself in perusing the magazine since I subscribed many months ago. By the time I stopped, my stomach was turned inside out. The stories are incredible to the point. Nothing brings home those horrors, of those stories more than your crime scene pictures of what these psychopaths do to people. If it wasn't for my eyes and computers, I'd still be reading. Thanks for the horrible truth. If anyone's thinking of subscribing, I'm telling you, that you'll definitely get exactly what you're looking and paid for in this online magazine.

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