Season 2 of Criminology podcast continues!

In the second episode, you are going to hear from various people associated with this case.

Jane Carson Sandler was the 5th victim of the monster and she joins the Criminology Podcast to talk about her experience and how her life was changed.

You’ll hear from Carol Daly and Richard Shelby who were some of the original detectives on this case. Their insight into how the investigation was conducted and the effect on the community is very impactful.

Original Night Stalker Crime Scene Photo

Method of entry often used by the East Area Rapist. (Credit: Sudden Terror)

And of course, Mike Morford and Mike Ferguson continue to go in depth on the crimes committed by the East Area Rapist / Golden State Killer/ Original Night Stalker. As you will hear, his crimes become increasingly vicious and he displays some extremely odd behavior.

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