Tuesday, April 4, 1922. Members of the small community of Wangen, in the hamlet of Kaifeck, Germany, approached the farmstead of the Gruber family, concerned for their wellbeing, as none of them had been seen working in several days.

Little Cazilia Gruber had not been seen at school on Saturday, nor on Monday. The postman had noticed that the Gruber family had not checked their post, either, and nobody had heard a peep from the family.

What they discovered in the barn, would come to be one of the most infamous, gruesome unsolved crimes in German history.

Will we ever know what really happened on that cold night in March of 1922?

revisiting-the-still-unsolved-mystery-of-the-hinterkaifeck-murders-2 Unraveling the Mystery of the Hinterkaifeck Murders

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