Meet David Parker Ray, a killer who spent $100,000 to build his own torture chamber – a trailer full of sex toys and torture devices, ranging from whips, chains, pulleys, straps, clamps, leg spreader bars to surgical blades and even saws.

36088311_1725731554182448_193182883035217920_n-1 The Unseen Tour Inside David Parker Ray's Torture Chamber

Aside from the sex toys, syringes, a fur-lined coffin where Ray would place his victims to torture them, and a box with a hole cut out to hold victims’ heads, the Toy-Box killer also maintained a collection of anatomically correct dolls, which he placed in chains and bondage positions. The various positions and implements that he used were strikingly similar to the actual tortures he inflicted on his victims.

torture-chamber-mock The Unseen Tour Inside David Parker Ray's Torture Chamber

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