Despite denying the rumors numerous times, Ted Bundy was, in fact, sexually assaulted while on Death Row. During his interviews with Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth, Bundy hinted that a guard allowed four inmates to gang-rape him, saying “I’ve got this problem. I’ve got this red-headed bull back there who enjoys pushing me in shit. He agitates some of the blacks … tries to turn them against me.”

“I thought I was going to die every night the first few days I was in jail back in October of 1975. I was scared to death, daily. I thought they were going to kill me. That first four or five months I cried at night. I was a wreck.”

ted-bundy-bible Who Gang-Raped Ted Bundy In Prison?

Ted Bundy reads the Bible while meeting with the FBI agent Bill Hagmaier on January 22, 1989. Hagmaier spent 4 days straight with Bundy, arriving on Friday, January 20, 1989.

It has been rumored for decades Bundy was gang-raped by four prisoners on Death Row in 1984 — with prosecution lawyer George R Dekle making the claim in his book about the killer’s case, The Last Murder.

“A couple of guys kept chanting, ‘We don’t like rape-os.’ Gave me the bad eye — called me a baby raper and all that s–t.”

Revealing his terror of being put to death on the electric chair, Bundy said:

“It’s an eye for an eye — it’s no deterrent. It does not and never will restore any measure of compensation to the victim’s family or the state.”

ted-bundy-old-sparky Who Gang-Raped Ted Bundy In Prison?

The infamous Old Sparky Ted Bundy was executed with.

And talking of his hatred of being viewed as insane, Bundy added:

“I know I’m not crazy, or insane, incompetent, anything else. I’m not an animal and I’m not crazy and I’m not a split personality. People refuse to believe that. That’s their problem. They’ll never truly understand what makes me tick.”

blow Who Gang-Raped Ted Bundy In Prison?

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