Despite denying the rumors numerous times, Ted Bundy was, in fact, sexually assaulted while on Death Row. During his interviews with Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth, Bundy hinted that a guard allowed four inmates to gang-rape him, saying “I’ve got this problem. I’ve got this red-headed bull back there who enjoys pushing me in shit. He agitates some of the blacks … tries to turn them against me.”

“I thought I was going to die every night the first few days I was in jail back in October of 1975. I was scared to death, daily. I thought they were going to kill me. That first four or five months I cried at night. I was a wreck.”

Ted Bundy Reads Bible

Ted Bundy reads the Bible while meeting with the FBI agent Bill Hagmaier on January 22, 1989. Hagmaier spent 4 days straight with Bundy, arriving on Friday, January 20, 1989.

It has been rumored for decades Bundy was gang-raped by four prisoners on Death Row in 1984 — with prosecution lawyer George R Dekle making the claim in his book about the killer’s case, The Last Murder.

“A couple of guys kept chanting, ‘We don’t like rape-os.’ Gave me the bad eye — called me a baby raper and all that s–t.”

Revealing his terror of being put to death on the electric chair, Bundy said:

“It’s an eye for an eye — it’s no deterrent. It does not and never will restore any measure of compensation to the victim’s family or the state.”

Ted Bundy Old Sparky

The infamous Old Sparky Ted Bundy was executed with.

And talking of his hatred of being viewed as insane, Bundy added:

“I know I’m not crazy, or insane, incompetent, anything else. I’m not an animal and I’m not crazy and I’m not a split personality. People refuse to believe that. That’s their problem. They’ll never truly understand what makes me tick.”

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