On March 22, 1970, 22-year-old Kathleen Johns and her 10-month-old daughter Jennifer had accepted a ride from a mysterious stranger. Little did they knew that the good Samaritan would turn their trip into a real-life horror story.

Four months later, on July 24, 1970, the Zodiac took credit for the kidnapping but uncharacteristically failed to provide more details about the incident.

Was the Zodiac Killer really responsible for the abduction? Or was he simply trying to find a way to stay in the headlines without resorting to further violence?

Join our friends Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford in the 4th episode of Criminology podcast as they continue to explore the fascinating, little-known details of the Zodiac’s mystery.

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  • The black doodler could this man still be prosecuted for his crimes I’ve read he was born in London TowerHill to be exact he now lives in foresthill London se26 and give us hell we have so far killed at least give neibours and got away with it the artist impression is almost exact even down to the dark patches on both sides of his face.

  • You can see from my post he is still here and on my phone he moniters everything I do on my phone which is pointless because he is recognised by a few people I’ve shown this picture to.

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